heart failure care

Research Nurse Moira Allison: Working in research to improve care for patients with heart failure

Research Nurse Moira Allison has extensive experience as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in heart failure and arrhythmia management, and is currently working on the SUPPORT-HF Study.


How long have you been working at The George Institute UK?

I have been working as a Research Nurse at The George Institute since October 2014. I was attracted by the opportunity to work in an innovative environment with global connections. It’s also a great opportunity to work with people of other disciplines, and from other countries, and also to learn new skills.

What is your professional background?

I completed my nurse training in 1994 in Nottingham and originally planned to become a midwife. My first post was in a CCU, I loved it and have stayed in cardiology ever since. I have worked in a variety of UK hospitals and primary care settings as a Specialist Nurse in heart failure and also arrhythmia management.

My first job was….

In an office recruiting hospital doctors.

To explain to people what I do I say…

I usually say that I am involved in research to improve care for patients with heart failure

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on the SUPPORT-HF study, which has just entered the exciting phase of recruiting patients

What difference will this study make to healthcare and why?

Heart failure is a huge problem and I hope that this project will help to develop a system which can contribute to the management of the growing number of patients. This system will allow patients to be monitored at home and changes in their condition to be identified and treated promptly. I hope that it will also help medication known to be beneficial in heart failure to be prescribed and increase dosage appropriately.

My biggest achievement so far….

Hopefully that’s yet to come! But so far the most rewarding aspect of my career has been in helping patients to have a better understanding of their condition and treatment and to make the best health decisions.

To unwind at the end of the day I….

Enjoy reading, socialising and I have just started running. I am aiming to complete a 5k run - quite a feat for a previous couch potato!