Marina Politis

United Kingdom
Marina Politis headshot

Research Assistant

Marina is a final year medical student at the University of Glasgow. She is interested in the sex and gender gap in healthcare, both in medical research and treatment, and in health professions education. 

Marina joined The George Institute in September 2023 as a Research Assistant for the MESSAGE (Medical Sciences Sex and Gender Equity) project, which aims to develop a UK policy for integrating sex and gender considerations into biomedical research to improve sex and gender specific health outcomes.

Marina is passionate about health equity and improving the social determinants of health, and is also an advocate for planetary health and health professionals' roles in addressing the climate crisis.

As a part of her medical degree, Marina completed a BSc (Med Sci) in Global Health in the Primary Care Context, where her dissertation looked at the intersection of frailty, loneliness and social isolation and their impact on adverse outcomes in the UK Biobank.