Strategies for reducing population salt intake

Eating salt is a leading cause of the progressive rise of blood pressure as populations age. High blood pressure is a major contributor to heart disease and stroke worldwide. As part of the ‘Drop the Salt!’ Campaign to reduce salt in foods and work with the Australian food industry, a Food Industry Salt Reduction Strategy was released in July 2008 by AWASH (Australian Division of World Action on Salt and Health).

As a direct result, the number of Australian food companies committed to reducing salt in their products has doubled to 20, including Coles, Unilever, Smith’s Snackfood Company, Bakers Delight, McDonald’s, Oporto and Yum! Restaurants which have each developed detailed action plans. Following extensive media coverage on salt in fast foods generated by AWASH, Yum! Restaurants in Australia (KFC and Pizza Hut) has cited AWASH as the reason for a 10% reduction in the salt content across its products.