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Oxford Martin School collaboration has big promise for Big Data

Researchers at The George Institute, UK, have collaborated with the Oxford Martin School at University of Oxford on a major new programme looking at how Machine Intelligence can be used to treat chronic disease.

The Deep Medicine programme “will use some of the largest and most complex biomedical datasets that have ever been collected to gain insights into complex chronic disease patterns, risk trajectories and treatment effects,” says Abel Perez Crespillo, one of The George Institute’s researchers working on the programme. Also working on the programme from The George Institute are Professor Kazem Rahimi and Reza Khorshidi.

“In Deep Medicine, we will to provide empirical evidence for the value of applying data mining, modelling and machine learning techniques to biomedical data. We will ultimately provide solutions, such as software for clinical decision support, that brings this knowledge in practice, in order to help clinicians to manage their patient’s health more efficiently and, subsequently, improving people’s lives,” said Prof Rahimi.

Deep Medicine was established with a £1 million grant from Oxford Martin School, based on an application submitted by Prof Rahimi and other investigators.

Prof Rahimi said, “This is an exciting new chapter of our Big Data research that now brings expertise from different disciplines that have not traditionally worked together.”

The researchers expect to have their first research findings by 2018. For more information about Deep Medicine, visit the Oxford Martin School website