Joint statements of support for the WHO

The George Institute has worked with its partners and collaborators to issue joint statements in support of the World Health Organization.

The George Institute researchers, Professor Jacqui Webster, Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Salt Reduction and Professor Margie Peden, Co-Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Injury Prevention, along with other global health experts issue a joint statement in support for WHO funding.

Professor Margie Peden, along with other members of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration also issued a statement recording appreciation and support for the outstanding role and leadership of the World Health Organization (WHO) in global road safety.

The George Institute along with more than 1,000 organizations and individuals including charities, medical experts and healthcare companies from around the world have written to the White House arguing the Trump administration should reverse course and keep funding the World Health Organization (WHO), making a case that the coronavirus pandemic can't be brought under control without the WHO.

The George Institute signed a joint statement with other organisations and women working in global development on COVID-19, emphasising that 'now more than ever, countries need to unite behind a strong WHO - sharing knowledge, strategy, technical resources and financial statement to defeat the global threat we all face.'