The George Institute For Global Health
United Kingdom

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Comprehensive transformation of the way healthcare is provided will be required to ensure the continued social and economic development of poor and rich countries alike.

We are creating sustainable healthcare solutions for the 21st Century. These include:

  • Purpose-built, frugal innovation such as mobile health and affordable medicines
  • Re-engineering the workforce by providing tools and training to non-physician community healthcare workers
  • Systemic change to healthcare delivery through financing, supply chain, and policy recommendations.

We have a substantial track record for driving change and creating impact. We’ve spent more than a decade providing the evidence that has already significantly changed healthcare practice and healthcare delivery, globally.

"The world urgently requires a fundamentally different way of providing essential healthcare. The unmet needs are vast and growing, as is expenditure. The George Institute is pioneering bold new strategies designed to bring about a healthcare transformation that will benefit billions of people at a cost that will be sustainable. This vision requires the support individuals, charitable trusts and foundations, and companies who believe now is the time for a transformative change in healthcare."

Professors Stephen MacMahon and Robyn Norton
Principal Directors, The George Institute for Global Health