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SUPPORT HF: IT-supported heart failure management in the community

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In the UK, the provision of care for patients with chronic heart failure outside hospitals and GP surgeries is often fragmented and inadequate. The National Heart Failure Audit Report states that approximately half of patients hospitalised with heart failure will either die or be readmitted within one year. This is costly, inefficient and has a detrimental effect not only on the patient but also on their families and loved ones.

The George Institute for Global Health and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford have developed an innovative research project that aims to address these issues by developing and evaluating a simple heart failure monitoring and risk prediction system that patients can use effectively in their own homes. 

The SUPPORT-HF (Seamless User-centred Proactive Provision Of Risk-stratified Treatment for Heart Failure) system is comprised of a tablet PC application that allows patients to report severity of their symptoms and to wirelessly collect information on weight, blood pressure, heart rate and physical activity on a daily basis. This information will then allow researchers to identify patterns that might predict which patients are going to need hospitalisation enabling them to intervene earlier in a more informed fashion.

This project is being carried out in two stages. The first stage focussed on the development of a user-friendly and accurate home-monitoring system that patients find acceptable to use of a regular basis and has been successfully completed. The second phase, a randomized controlled trial (RTC) of about 200 patients, has recently started, to evaluate how the information collected can be used for predicting the patient’s risk of their condition deteriorating with an aim of preventing hospitalisations. 

If the system is successful, it will reduce the cost to the health service of un-predicted hospitalisations and help patients better manage their conditions at home.

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