Denise Fleming-Brown: improving the health of disadvantaged people

Denise Fleming-Brown is a Senior Trial Manager for SUPPORT-CVD, a prevention and management trial for cardiovascular disease.

How long have you been working at The George Institute?

I joined The George Institute a year ago, in November 2014

What attracted you to work at the George Institute?

I wanted to work for a leading global organisation that would give me an opportunity to work on a large-scale trial conducted in rural areas of a low-to-middle class country using a low-cost, technology-assisted, integrated care delivery programme to improve the health of disadvantaged people.

What are you currently working on?

I am working as the senior trial manager on SUPPORT-CVD where I have responsibility for the day-to-day management of the trial. We recently implemented the trials’ initial pilot phase and are busy planning the implementation of the second pilot phase and full trial rollout. About 1500 participants will be recruited during the two pilot phases.

What is my recent highlight?

My recent highlight is definitely getting the initial pilot phase started and the satisfaction and excitement of bringing together the hard work of the SUPPORT-CVD trial team in the UK and Iran to make this happen. I would also consider my trip to Iran earlier this year as a highlight. It gave me an opportunity not only to meet my colleagues there, but also to visit and meet some of the health care workers and patients who could benefit from SUPPORT-CVD.  

What difference will this make to healthcare?

This will make a huge difference aiming to make changes to health policies and improve the health of disadvantaged people.

What is my professional background?

I am a registered nurse with over 14 years of clinical research experience, gained through working at different levels within University of Oxford. My research experience includes coordinating single and multi-centered commercial, non-commercial, co-sponsored and complicated randomised controlled CT-IMP, non-CTIMP and medical device studies from their set-up stage through to completion. Areas of research I have worked include: HIV; rheumatology (mostly vasculitis); orthopaedic; urology; oncology and clinical genetics.

Why do you enjoy working at the George Institute?

It has enabled me to expand my clinical research experience at a global level and has given me valuable new knowledge, specifically relating to the technology-assisted, integrated care delivery programme used for SUPPORT-CVD.

To explain to people what to do at the George Institute?

I work as a trial manager, which involves the day-to-day management of a large-scale trial being conducted in rural areas of Iran. About 55,000 patients will participate in the trial.

I work at The George Institute because…

To feel I am contributing to improving long-term healthcare of people living in low-to-middle class countries and making it accessible and affordable.

To unwind at the end of the day and I enjoy

Walking my dog and making my recently renovated house feel more homely.

My biggest achievement so far is

To pursue the position of senior trial manager for SUPPORT-CVD which is my first non-clinical role since qualifying as a registered nurse in 1989.

My first job was

Staff nurse on a respiratory ward - this was a quite a few years before I discovered my passion for research!