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Profile stories

"A major challenge is finding the best way to make sure all those who can benefit from being less at risk of common diseases have access to the knowledge we already have about this."

"I feel I am contributing to improving long-term healthcare of people living in low-to-middle class countries and making it accessible and affordable."

"My expertise is essentially to use technology to produce a positive impact in society."

Meet Connor Emdin, a graduate student at Oxford and The George Institute UK completing a DPhil in Population Health on the safety and efficacy blood pressure lowering.

"These projects will help to understand how to identify and target evidence-practice gaps in practice and subsequently inform the design of sustainable implementation tools to facilitate the impact of high-quality and personalised evidence-based care to patients with low back pain. "

"Telehealth is likely to have a great role in the future of medicine and has the potential to significantly change our health systems and our relationship with both our own health and doctors."

Research Nurse Moira Allison has extensive experience as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in heart failure and arrhythmia management, and is currently working on the SUPPORT-HF Study.

Emma is a Senior Research Fellow at The George Institute and a conjoint Senior Lecturer within the Faculty of Medicine at The University of Sydney. Emma is an epidemiologist with over 10 years’ experience in health related research.

Dr Ruth Webster is a senior research fellow at The George Institute for Global Health. Recently, she presented the results of TGI's polypill studies, SPACE and TRIUMPH, at the World Cardiology Congress.

Connor Emdin is a DPhil student at The George Institute for Global Health at the University of Oxford. Although he completed his undergraduate degree in biochemistry, he has transitioned to cardiovascular epidemiology research for his DPhil.