The George Institute For Global Health
United Kingdom

Philanthropic opportunities

Philanthropy plays an important role in medical research, often providing support for the crucial, innovative projects not supported by government. Yet, it is this very innovation that can inform and transform public policies.

Celebrating the impact of our donors’ generosity is one of our great pleasures and there are many wonderful stories of how philanthropy is enabling remarkable things to happen and generating real benefits around the world. Your donations help to create an inspirational environment which motivates our world-leading academic community to drive forward ground-breaking research and innovation. As a young, progressive research institute, The George is well placed to explore new ways to address significant health issues and to provide the evidence to significantly change healthcare practice and healthcare delivery, globally.

If you would like to discuss making a donation to The George Institute, UK at the University of Oxford, please get in touch. Some of our UK-led projects for which we are seeking philanthropic support are listed below, but there are many others that you may find appealing – from disruptive technologies that are transforming how we treat chronic disease to the prevention of unintentional injuries in resource-poor settings.