The George UK makes a move

Why is The George Institute moving to the Oxford Martin School?

With the new construction at the Old Road Campus affecting our facilities, and available space at Oxford Martin, we saw a win-win opportunity to base ourselves in a terrific space at the Old India Institute. It’s highly functional, very convenient and will serve as a great foundation for our staff and The George’s research program.

What does this mean for The George Institute’s programs?

This primarily means closer collaboration between The George Institute and the Oxford Martin School – it will provide an opportunity for us to engage more widely in the interdisciplinary research programme at the Oxford Martin School.

This is an exciting opportunity for our researchers to not only work directly with the Oxford Martin School’s 300 researchers but to also develop new collaborations with other divisions and departments at the University, many of which are within the walking distance from the Oxford Martin School.

What is the relationship between Oxford Martin School and The George Institute?

Excellent. Oxford Martin School has of course been the major funder of The George Institute research at Oxford to date. With the initial support from the Oxford Martin School we have been able to take many of the ideas that we had from incubation stage to large active programmes that have attracted significant additional external funding. The impact that this work will have would not have been possible without the early stage support that we have received from the Oxford Martin School.

Will you still be part of the Nuffield Department of Population Health (NDPH)?

Yes, we will also remain affiliated with NDPH, working closely on research with other staff there and contributing to the NDPH postgraduate education program.