Why can’t we cut salt: is it time to switch the world’s salt supply?

salt substitute event

When a slice of bread can contain as much salt as a packet of crisps what do we do? As part of World Salt Awareness Week join C3 Collaborating for Health and The George Institute's Professor Bruce Neal and Mhairi Brown from Action on Salt UK, to talk reducing salt. Excess salt intake is a key cause of heart disease and stroke but with it so entrenched in our diets how can we address it?

Bruce will share his vision for The George Institute’s goal of switching the world’s salt supply to potassium-enriched salt. He will highlight key findings from the landmark Salt Substitute and Stroke Study which randomised 21,000 participants to regular salt or potassium-enriched salt, considering how the unequivocal evidence of protection against stroke and premature death generated by that study can inform stalled global efforts to reduce dietary sodium intake.    

Meanwhile, Mhairi will shed light on the barriers and opportunities to increasing the uptake of reduced-sodium, potassium-enriched salt in the UK. How much government intervention is required to successfully reduce the population’s salt intake?

Join our talk and Q&A to find out!


  • Bruce Neal

    Bruce Neal is Executive Director at The George Institute for Global Health Australia; Professor of Medicine, UNSW Sydney; and Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, Imperial College London. 


    Prof Bruce Neal