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Five billion people do not have reliable access to basic health care. For those who are able to access it, the quality of care is highly variable. Most of the world’s poorest people are missing out. We can change this.

The George Institute is partnering with governments, providers and communities to assess how health systems can be strengthened, and how we can make essential, quality health care more affordable and accessible, with the ultimate goal of improving health and health care for all.

Our work strongly aligns with the commitments made at the United Nations High Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage in 2019 and the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular the global target to reduce premature deaths from chronic diseases and injury by one third by 2030.

Our solutions

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We are generating evidence on effective, affordable and scalable solutions that can be integrated with existing health systems to deliver quality care globally. We are focusing on three areas:

  • partnerships with governments and other payers of health care to strengthen and accelerate universal health care coverage policies with a strong focus on equity.
  • design and implementation of disruptive health care delivery systems for under-served populations through innovative workforce models, digital technology and financial reforms.
  • strategies to reduce fragmentation in health care systems, coordinating care among multiple providers, for multiple conditions, across the entire life course.

Our strategy

Our mission is to improve the lives of millions of people through better treatments, better care, and healthier societies. Through a program of research, advocacy/thought leadership, and disruptive social entrepreneurship, we are driving global impact.