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United Kingdom

Profile stories

This International Women’s Day, Johanna Ernst presses for progress.

"My findings have implications for public health policies in the United Kingdom and possibly developed countries in general - and that is very rewarding." 

"My work focuses on how to prevent unintentional injuries, particularly in resource-strapped countries. There are plenty of interventions that could save lives. I don’t really like referring to ‘accidents’, because it makes them sound inevitable, which they are not; they are predictable and therefore preventable."

"People often wonder what it’s like to have to ask people for money, but I don’t see it that way. What I do is give people an opportunity that they can’t get anywhere else to do something truly transformational that will make them feel amazing."

"Risk assessment of pregnant women is an important part of routine obstetric care worldwide. This research can potentially contribute to the improvement of continuous risk assessment throughout the pregnancy."

"We enable a faster and more personalised monitoring of patients with heart failure, which leads to improved patient care."

"I feel I can make a difference in people’s lives while doing what I enjoy the most: playing with some of the latest technology and gadgets."

"A major challenge is finding the best way to make sure all those who can benefit from being less at risk of common diseases have access to the knowledge we already have about this."

"I feel I am contributing to improving long-term healthcare of people living in low-to-middle class countries and making it accessible and affordable."

"My expertise is essentially to use technology to produce a positive impact in society."